“I never thought I’d make it to South Africa mostly because of the cost – to travel outside of the Bahamas is extremely expensive. I never knew that with proper budgeting, I’d be able to visit two cities in South Africa. 

Growing up, I always had this mindset that going to Johannesburg was extremely expensive, until I became an adult and realized it’s easy to go, once I budget my money. 

I’ve always wanted to visit because of how much culture surrounds the country. I grew up as a history buff, so I’ve always been intrigued by the tribes, Africa and especially Nelson Mandela and the apartheid movement. 

When I got there…..listen….beyondddddd expectations. South Africa is by far my fav destination I’ve visited. The food is amazing, there’s so much to do, God the wineeee!!! I could def spend a good month in South Africa! Next time I go back, and I def will be back, I’m hoping to visit a few other citied in SA, hopefully that’s in the next 2-3 years! “